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Papas Pizzeria 2

Even though that there are hundreds of different cooking games today, one game which always comes to mind while speaking about cooking games is Papa's Pizzeria. The game was created more than 10 years ago and still it is one of the most interesting and addictive online game about cooking. Today I would like to offer you the second edition of the popular game which is available for free at our website. In Papa's Pizzeria 2 you have to run the whole pizza restaurant and manage every step of it. Your mission is to take the order from the customer and make a pizza based on the instuctions on the order sheet. Your accuracy is going to be tested - the baking time, the toppings and slicing is the most important stations in this game. When you serve the pizza to the customer, he will examine it carefully and if it is good, you will receive tips. Tips in this game is a sort of score - the more tips you have - the higher your overall score is. Each new day in Papa's Pizzeria the number of customers become higher and it is really difficult not to make mistakes when making several pizzas at the same time, but I am sure you will manage it.

How To Play Papa's Pizzeria 2

The whole process of making pizza in this game is divided into several steps where you go through different stations. At the beginning, you have to take the order from your customer - you can do it at Order Station. In the beginning of the game the first order will be like a tutorial and you will see how everything is made here. The second step is going to the topping station to use the ingredients written on the order sheet. Then you move to the baking station and have to keep an eye on the timer. The final step is slicing the pizza and taking it to the customer. Enjoy the full version of Papas Pizzeria 2 for free at our website.

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